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Oct 10, 2013                                                                      Media Contact: Janelle Roring | Publicist for Winkit, LLC 

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Winkit launches new and Improved Website

Giving Consumers One Stop to Shop, Interact, Connect, Find, Buy & Request

Products From Their Favorite Movies & TV Shows

aligning brands, fashion, Independent Movie/TV Sourcing With Online Shopping



Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN ~ For Consumers, brands, fashion designers, TV producers, and Filmmakers, Winkit is the intersection between movie (and TV) scenes and shopping dreams. Founded in 2009, “live” since 2012, delivering products to consumers both domestically & internationally, Winkit just launched a new and improved website: The improved “one stop shop” website gives consumers an easier tool for; interacting, navigating, finding, buying, shopping and even requesting specific products from their favorite films & TV shows. Following the growing trend of filmmakers and entertainment networks finding new ways to connect with their audiences, Winkit partners to source product for films, merchandises existing film/TV properties, and then makes it available for the public to buy. Winkit will even take requests for products a consumer is searching for, that may not be on the site, and finds it, or makes it, and then sells it to the customer. Winkit successfully delivers products domestically & internationally, with an average 4-7 day turn around, order to delivery, and has a 100% customer satisfaction rating. Winkit, described as a “disrupter” at the 2013 South By South West (SXSW) Start-Up Alley, and by film-makers as “cutting edge”, provides new ways for filmmakers (TV producers) & fashion to connect with their audience.

Juli Baecker, member of Fashion Group International (FGI), FGI Board member of the Mpls/St.Paul region, and CEO / Founder of WinkIt explains, "We've all done it. You're sitting there watching a movie or television show and you see an outfit, piece of jewelry, handbag, or something else that you would love to own. So you look on line, and after falling into the “rabbit hole” of the Internet, you may never find exactly the right item that began your search. What also happens when searching/buying online, rarely do you have one secure place for that transaction; most sites are simply a gateway to another site or an unsecure gateway to a network of sellers. Winkit is a secure storefront where you are buying directly from us, not from an “unknown” reseller or “link” to another seller on the Internet.”  She added, “With Winkit, at, you can securely buy what you see and want from movies and television. If we don’t have a specific item the consumer can wish for it and tell us what they are looking for; if we cannot find it, we make it for them." She also added, “I am a strong advocate for Corporate Social Responsibility and believe in giving back. Our new and improved website allows us to marry many of our products directly to a non-profit where a portion of the sale goes directly to a specific charity. From the website, click “Shop for It” and scroll down to “Giving Back”.”

The new and improved website,, is easy to use and navigate. Click & shop by category or by film or television content, shop by scene, search by item, pick your must have items then buy. It's that simple. Winkit is launching several new creative endeavors and is in discussions with entertainment, film, cable, and television partnerships. Winkit’s first film partnership was with Trost Moving Pictures' award-winning A Christmas Snow and The Lamp. Award-winning writer and director Tracy J Trost had this to say about the partnership with WinkIt, "My first goal as a filmmaker is to create stories that impact people's lives in a positive way. But as an independent filmmaker, creating new and unique ways for audiences to interact with my films and finding ways to keep our costs low while creating additional revenue streams is key for me to be able to continue succeeding at my first goal. WinkIt helps us accomplish allof these objectives." Trost Moving Pictures and WinkIt couldn't be happier to be at the forefront of what will soon be an industry standard for filmmakers and audiences alike.


About WinkIt: Watch it, Want it, WinkIt! The tagline says it all - it is that easy. Partnering with the entertainment industry, WinkIt embraces the power of technology to connect consumers to fashion, brands and entertainment with an easy to use, secure, one-stop online shopping experience. WinkIt connects people to products they see (anywhere) and want (right now). Love to watch movies and TV? Love to shop? Love fashion and apparel? (so do we!). Imagine, watching a film or TV series and seeing the cute dress, a great jewelry item, the handbag, the mantel clock…ANYTHING. WinkIt is the next generation of shopping and brand awareness...Watch it, Want it, WinkIt – where movie and tv scenes become shopping dreams. Tell us what you love from the movies or television; if it is not on our site, we’ll find it for you – if we can’t find it, we’ll make it! To see our 30 second commercial follow this link, and from the first image on the main page, click in the lower left corner of the image “click here to learn more”.


Media Contact: Janelle Roring | Publicist for Winkit, LLC


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.